Wait what day does the semester start

The stress dreams about finding myself supervising a midterm in November for a class I’ve never shown up to teach are starting, so I took some time today to wrangle my syllabi into working shape for the semester. I don’t regret waiting until now, actually, since every time I’ve tried to anticipate a semester’s worth of work, I’ve spent more effort adjusting everything to the natural rhythms of teaching a new group of students with their own strengths and idiosyncrasies.

Nevertheless, it feels good to do it… I’ve posted some of my teaching materials for the coming semester, namely syllabi for my principles of macroeconomics class, and my political economy of international finance. Despite my appreciation for interdisciplinary economics, teaching in a format that leaves models and quantitative problems aside is intimidating! How do you history, soc, IR, and political economy types deal with that abyss of waiting for students to talk? That said, I’m excited to talk about blockchain and offshore finance for the first time with my finance students, and to delve more into the ‘is it tech? is it globalization? is it unions?’ debates with my principles students. We’ll see!

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